About us

The Family Behind Mother and Earth Baby Boutique

Ross Family

Where it All Began

Our journey began when I was pregnant with our first son. I had lost my job and in effort to save money we started researching cloth diapering. We drove nearly an hour away to learn about cloth diapers in a small diaper showroom. After our son was born, we quickly fell in love with cloth diapering and really appreciated the money we saved week after week.

Conception of Mother & Earth

The next chapter began when my husband suggested that we open a cloth diaper store.  Although, I had no desire to go back into the hospitality industry as it's not family-friendly, and the idea of being an entrepreneur was exciting to me.

Why Only Made in the USA?

It has always been important to me to bring the best products to our store and at the time there was many reports of lead in children's products/toys from overseas. This was one of the reasons we decided to only carry American made. Other reasons include, supporting the American economy, drastically reduced emissions, and the high safety standards.

Where We Came From

We started our store online in July 2011, working out of our basement. About a year later, we stumbled into a perfect little next step, in a great office building, close to home. It served as a little showroom with a nice community classroom space. Weeks after moving in there, we found out we were expecting our second child, which was a surprise!

Where We are Now

In 2014, after much nudging from friends, we went to see 1212 Turner Street in Old Town Lansing. It was easy to vision it being the next step for our growing natural parenting store. We moved in October 2014 and joined the Old Town Lansing community. If you have not experienced Old Town, you must! It is not just another place to shop, it's a community, an experience, an adventure...it has it's own personality, waiting to share with you. Come visit us!

Thank You

We are so grateful to the local community for the support we have received. When you shop our business you are helping many local families, local businesses, and keeping us around. We want to be here for you, so thank you!


-Lynn Ross

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(517) 204-2248

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