Nobody Got Time to Cloth Diaper... or Do They?

Nobody Got Time to Cloth Diaper... or Do They?

Cloth diapering does not have to be time consuming. We have some tips and tricks to help make cloth diapering a breeze.

Nobody Got Time to Cloth Diaper... or Do They?


We hear all the time that people choose not to cloth diaper because they just don't have time. We certainly know that parents are busier than ever. With the help of our community, we have come up with a list of tips to make cloth diapering a breeze. With these tips even the busiest families can make cloth diapers fit their routine.


1. Don't Wash Diapers Alone

Don't waste a whole wash load just on diapers. After you rinse your diapers on warm, add in any laundry that can be washed on hot: towels, baby cloths, rags or anything else. Diapers don't take up a whole load and adding to fill the load helps increase the agitation which could help get everything cleaner.


2. Ready, Set, Change

Get a routine that works for you. If you are using cloth wipes try turning on your faucet first (so it has time to warm up), grab your diaper and wipe, wet the wipe, and change the dipe ;) Put your diapers and wipes near each other so you don't have to search.


3. Wash while you sleep

A hot wash with extra rinse can take sometime. Start it before you go to bed so it is done in the morning.


4. Consolidate rinsing

Spray, dunk and swish, or scrap...your choice. But only do it once a day! It takes some time to rinse off your diapers and clean up after, so only do it once. Store your soiled diapers in a wet bag or on your toilet tank, at night (or a time that works best for your family) rinse them off and put them in your diaper pail.


5. Choose easy to care for diapers

Choose diapers/inserts that are not too thick and provide lots of surface area. Over the last few years manufacturers have done a really great job of getting creative with design and increasing the surface area of inserts. This makes it easier to get diapers clean and dry faster. The other factor is the type of fibers that make up the diaper. Try to stick with natural fibers like cotton, hemp, and bamboo. Microfiber can be difficult to keep clean and stink free.


6. Get a diaper sprayer

A diaper sprayer is a very handy thing to have. It makes getting poop off of diapers a breeze.


When you make cloth diapering part of your routine--- it's easy! Do you have any other tips? Please comment below!



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