Organic Eco-Friendly ZipMe Sack

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Organic Eco-Friendly ZipMe Sack

kiwi.jpgOrganic ZipMe Sack with Eco-Fleece

The ZipMe Sack is perfect for when your little one transitions from swaddling during their first year. Experts recommend a wearable blanket blanket to provide your baby with the protective feeling they crave. 

The ZipMe Sack offers 2-way zippers, one at the bottom for easy access to diaper changes while keeping baby warm and another at the top to dress baby with ease.

Eco-fleece is 80% Certified Organic Cotton and 20% Recycled Polyester

With a 1.5 TOG your baby with be provided with the perfect sleeping climate with temperatures between 68-72 degrees F.


  • All ZipMe Sacks are machine washable
  • 3-6 Month: Fits up to 28 inches
  • 6-12 Month: Fits up to 32 inches